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The recent economic changes in the last few years have had an obvious impact on the number of foreclosures in America and especially Arizona. As local real estate experts we appreciate the compounding changes in the market. Selling your home or property can create an overwhelming task to be completed, especially if you are facing additional financial hardships. That is why it is more important than ever to invest your time into our professional services so that we can work to ensure the transaction is successful. One of the ways we are beneficial is our knowledge with a short sale. Let’s look at a short sale from each perspective; the homeowner, the prospective buyer and the lenders involved.

As a homeowner a short sale can save you from foreclosure which can cause embarrassment, damages to ones’ credit, further economic challenges and takes a longer amount of time to recover from. It is not always the perfect scenario for a homeowner when we typically view our property as an investment. In the end, however, a short sale can relieve the burden tremendously as it typically costs no money and the mortgage is paid off. Bottom line the short sale causes a “break even” scenario in respect to what is left to be paid off on the home.

We’ve all heard that this is now a “buyer’s market” and although it is unfortunate for many, it is also true! There are bargains to be had especially for first-time homeowners and investors with capital. A short sale means the home is being sold for less than the cost of the home. Notice we didn’t mention value of the home but instead the cost of what owed on the home. But also be aware that now home values are being appraised at less than what the original buyer paid for the property. In short, short sales are still bargains to be explored for those searching.

Let’s start this final portion by stating that the bank has to first AGREE to a short sale on the home. After all, this action leads to lenders forgiving the remaining debt. In a declining market, however, lenders would rather see the property sold to a new homeowner rather than owning it themselves so that they can continue to collect interest. A foreclosed property will typically cost a bank additional funds as well and we all know how much they hate parting with money, especially now! A lender has a better chance of the property getting occupied faster and can continue to be a cash cow for the bank.

No matter the situation it is always best to do your research and find an agent that is skilled in working with short sales. There can be other cumbersome circumstances and all three parties mentioned above do not want to be led down a dark alley and be taken for their additional assets. Let us guide you through these processes so that you can make the best informed decision for YOUR situation. With our combined history in the real estate market we can assure you that the best step to take first is to call us for a consultation!

Meet Dave and Janet Seagraves. For over 30 years they have worked as a team of realtors striving for the very best for all their clients both buyers and sellers alike.

Their combined knowledge in real estate and construction offer a wide range of subjects in which they’re skilled. In addition, these skills are specific to the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ where they have lived, worked, and raised a beautiful family. But don’t let this vast range of years experience fool you! The Seagraves’ Team understands the power that stems from today’s technology and utilizes this to guarantee needs are met.

When you consider contacting a real estate office for whatever reason from questions, concerns, research to the actual buying or selling process you cannot pass up the opportunity to be involved with the best. This process will only strengthen your side in the decision process in which you are about to embark. The Seagraves’ charisma and sincerity are obvious as they make it a goal to help all that come across their path. We’ll give you the most current real estate information in the market today and, also, show you what to look for in picking the best real estate agent in your area.

Experience and Expertise:
Sellers get the maximum value when placing their home on the market as they have worked tirelessly on an effective marketing plan specific to East Valley cities of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Queen Creek. Part of this marketing plan includes Dave and Janet recognizing the importance to stay networked and connected within the East Valley and with the online communities of LinkedIn and Twitter.

Investors have sought the assistance of the Seagraves’ team when considering land, lots, or multi-family properties in the East Valley due to their expertise in the industry. Their cooperation efforts are unprecedented. The negotiation skills of this thriving team is assured to bring any objective to a lucrative solution.

Buyers also get the chance to experience Seagraves Success. They have true satisfaction in assisting an individual or family in the completion of buying their next home. Relocations are a special project as they know the importance of working towards a smooth move. The pride in their work is an appropriate measurement of the happiness you feel and with a successful purchase.

Commitment to Excellence:
Dave and Janet have committed to all their clients no matter the size or nature of need to ensure complete satisfaction on all parties. This dedication is true and sets them apart from many other real estate offices and teams. Their knowledge is unmatched and when you combine that with the effort to ensure you have the tools needed to reach your goals the outcome is pure bliss! Please do not hesitate to call them today. It will be the most important step to your future you can take in the real estate market.

In our blog, we only talk about the hottest real estate topics in the market today. Enjoy it and give us your input! We typically comment on your responses to posts so check back for updates regularly.

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